Monday, November 30, 2009

He Sleeps

My little guy is sleeping.  I am awake.  This is a rare occurrence lately.  This kid will sleep through an alarm clock squawking next to his head (I think he may have gotten that from me) :-/ Then I try to get up... he is awake and very insulted.  I completely understand his need to be close to his mama; I'm quite fond of snuggling him too. I just wish he would allow me ten minutes to shower before he resumes - quite literally - being the monkey on my back.

Life with him isn't usually this intense; he's a very laid back little guy.  Considering the four teeth invading his mouth and my recent dairy indiscretions, though, I shouldn't be shocked that he's not feeling like himself.  Poor kid.  :( 

And now he sleeps.  And I breathe. Enjoy some tea. Knit. Eat lots of chocolate. Read an overdue library book. Listen to - and occasionally peek at- last month's Law & Order.  Ignore all of the stuff I really should be packing.  And ponder the amount of sleep I am missing.  Ah, multitasking!  I've always thought I wasn't good at it. ;)

And there's the cry...

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