Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Episode 1

So... the first thing that's always come to mind when thinking of bloggers is that they have to be bored out of their minds. Seriously, who has the time? But here I go, starting a blog of my own. Why, you ask? Well,
1. I've been meaning to begin keeping a journal for years now. This works.
2. It's probably better for me than tv.
3. I can let friends and relatives know where to find my blog so they can get updates about me and my family without having to wait for me to call or answer the phone.

Okey, dokey? I feel as if I've justified this. At least to myself.

In future episodes:

On Hold (or, trying to talk to a real person in the Dept. of Health and Welfare)

Blood Sucking Lawyers (will mine live up to this, or live it down?)

He's Come Undone: The Morning After
Documenting the effects of a night at Grandma's on a 3 year old with nutritional sensitivities.

Until next time...