Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grandma Came to Visit

My mom visited this week by herself. We seem to have only gotten a portion of a picture of her though. :( But Rhys tried his first poppy seed muffin. (his "bun")

Oliver had his first taste of strawberries while Grandma was here. He squished them all over and was quite fond of them.

And he was a bit upset when breakfast was over.

We seem to have forgotten to get pictures of most of her visit. We ate lots of good food, shopped a lot, had lots of fun, and not a lot of sleep.
Not a stitch of knitting was accomplished; my housekeeping fell dreadfully by the wayside. And I don't know about Grandma, but I'm spending today trying to recover. :0)

Rhys Saw a Neurologist

For the past two years or so, Rhys has occasionally had these strange little seizures after a bump to the head. Toward the end of August, he had an especially worrisome one, which sent us back to the emergency room with him. This time he had a CT scan and then an EEG the next week. Everything showed normal and we had a consultation with a pediatric neurologist a couple of days ago.

Dr. "B" was very impressed by Rhys and said he isn't worried about him at all. Rhys has "breath-holding spells" which are apparently completely normal and he should outgrow them before he's five. Doc said that we shouldn't spoil Rhys in an attempt to avoid a spell - to which Rhys piped up "Why?" We all had a chuckle over that and the doctor decided that he needed to use bigger words... He told me to start saving for college now - it'll probably be out of state. lol!