Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rhys Saw a Neurologist

For the past two years or so, Rhys has occasionally had these strange little seizures after a bump to the head. Toward the end of August, he had an especially worrisome one, which sent us back to the emergency room with him. This time he had a CT scan and then an EEG the next week. Everything showed normal and we had a consultation with a pediatric neurologist a couple of days ago.

Dr. "B" was very impressed by Rhys and said he isn't worried about him at all. Rhys has "breath-holding spells" which are apparently completely normal and he should outgrow them before he's five. Doc said that we shouldn't spoil Rhys in an attempt to avoid a spell - to which Rhys piped up "Why?" We all had a chuckle over that and the doctor decided that he needed to use bigger words... He told me to start saving for college now - it'll probably be out of state. lol!

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