Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor Babies :(

Rhys is kinda being a butt head today. Not quite sure why, other than he just spent a few days at Grammie's house with Charlie and is, perhaps, feeling a bit neglected by Mama. I've been trying to give him extra attention, but he has been taking his frustration out on Oliver all morning, culminating in Rhys tossing the cat at little Olly. Poor baby has scratches all over his face and we are all upset now. Oliver, because his face hurts; Rhys, because he knows that I'm angry with him; and I, because Oliver is hurt and Rhys is sad. Sometimes, this Mom thing is tough. :(

(I'll post a couple of pictures of Olly's face as soon as I find my camera cable. It seems to have wandered off...)

Okay, here are a few...

Good news is that the scratches are healing nicely. But little Olly is going to have a "prison scar" for a little while.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Never Stand On Things With Wheels

OK.  So this was dramatized a bit.  He just happened to be holding his little skateboard when he fell into the box.

But I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a small lesson.

And the opportunity for some cute photos.
What can I say?  He doesn't hold still much anymore. ;)
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Poor Dumb Dog

Mopey Miles
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Miles came home a few days ago from a week long stay at the Idaho Humane Society veterinary hospital. He had eaten approximately two pounds of chocolate and was deathly ill. The wonderful folks at IHS took excellent care of him and kept him company when we couldn't be with him. Each of the first few days they were amazed that he made it through the night. Then his kidneys failed. They started getting better, then his liver stopped working. All the while, poor Miles is vomiting every couple of hours and having intradermal fluids administered. He's definitely a tough guy. Still sick, but slowly returning to normal.