Saturday, September 27, 2008

Been a while....

Summer is over. Finally. :0) Oly is crawly; well, scooty. He does this cute little curl up and dive thing to get around. Priceless. Should probably video it, eh?

Got a new baby carrier. A Beco Butterfly. I'd been drooling over this carrier for months and all of a sudden - the stars aligned. I found a great price on this lovely lady (modeled by my friend Windy and her sweet little guy, Azure). And David wanted an mp3 player. And the rest is history. :0)

Tired Rhys and Charlie out enough that they both sat still at the same time - a miracle these days.

And Momma must be blind... lol.

I made my first attempt at dying yarn. With kool-aid. Turned out beautiful.
It was for a yarn swap with the Valleybums. She likes it, me thinks. ;)

So now that autumn has arrived, life inevitably becomes busier. Rhys's birthday is coming up soon. As is little Percephone's. And then all of "The Holidays" will come before I know it.
I'm attempting to add a little more "adulthood" to my life. I'm really hoping to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house, for instance. I know, I'm crazy. I should just let the real grown-ups handle it, but I still feel as though I need to prove (both to myself and others) that I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm not sure that I'll ever really accomplish that. But so far, I'm married, I have kids, I own a minivan and a Costco membership. I haven't overdrawn my bank account in a while, and I even manage to wash my dishes and bathe my children every now and then. So, though I know that in my parents and my husband's parents eyes, he and I will always just be big kids, every step we take is leading in the right direction.
I must say, though, that I still find it a bit bewildering when kids treat me like an adult. My kids may never listen to me, but other people's children do. Probably just because I'm bigger than they are... ;)