Friday, November 27, 2009


We are moving.  In one week.  (!!!!) I am at once sooo ready to move and completely unprepared.  We've had about three weeks to get going on this, and I'm still sorting through the things we don't want to take with us - never mind the stuff to keep. 

But I suppose if I do this correctly, I shouldn't have much to take with us.  This move will be nearly a transition into a new life... smaller house, smaller yard, smaller parking.  Thus, fewer dishes, fewer clothes, fewer toys.  No more storage! 

I can express neither how excited I am to do this, nor how surprised I have been to face all of the STUFF we have accumulated over the years.  Overwhelming fails to do it justice. 

After nearly two years, I'll be changing the name of this blog.  lol  Yippee! 

disclaimer: I mean no offense to those who enjoy the suburbs.  I just don't. ;)  Thanks for your understanding. 

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