Tuesday, July 8, 2008


They're really this difficult everyday!

David could never understand why, when all the boys are home, I'm ready to run away by the time he gets home. They couldn't possibly be that difficult to manage... You're just not saying the right things... Calm down... . . . What have you been doing all day?!?!

Ha! On Sunday, they didn't put on a show for Daddy. They were themselves in every gloriously torturous aspect. One at a time, they're the most awesome kids ever. Together, I kinda wish I were in a looney bin; or at least had a nanny. ugh!

The look on David's face was priceless when, after throwing up his hands in frustration, I told him that they behave this way all day every day while he's gone. Perhaps that means he'll be more helpful and understanding, eh? Fat chance. But hey, it's nice to vent sometimes.

Thanks for listening. :0)

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gramma char said...

Hi Honey--I see the boys got haircuts! No more curls-- oh well they'll grow back!
Your brother Carl, says he'll be over for a hair cut-- guess he's tired of the flip in back.
The motor home is almost done-- it's home now, Grammpa is putting on the finishing touches.
The first trip will be to see you and the family-- also Andre-- haven't been to her place yet.
Hugs to you ,DAvid, Charlie, Rhysie and Ollie-- dog and kitties--Love forever--Gramma