Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I Never Imagined I'd Say

My sister and I were talking a while back about all of the strange things I've said since having children. Mostly to Charlie, interestingly enough. :0) I've meant to write them all down; these are what I still recall.

1. "Charlie, get out of the popcorn bowl."
2. "Charlie, keep your spoon to yourself."
3. "Charlie, we don't lick the dog."

And there will assuredly be more.
My goal for the near future is to recap all of my motherhood memories before they leave me forever. Like Charlie's little army crawl thing that he did before he figured out how to crawl "for real".
And the way my "little Rhysie Piecie" made adorable little hoo hoo sounds like an owl. And how Aubrey just adored him, especially after witnessing the "exorcism" that was his birth. :0) And the quiet times Rhys and I had alone that I really never experienced with Charlie.
And how much more quickly than the last each babyhood has gone. And taking pictures of each of my sweet boys in the same outfits and places and noticing their similarities and differences. And wondering if someday, I won't be able to tell the difference between them in those pictures.
And teasing Charlie about eating good food (broccoli!!) so he'll grow big and strong like his Papa Carl. And how much he adores Papa Carl. And Uncle Carl. With a reverence one could only have for someone they rarely see.
And the way David is with little Olly. The way he holds him (the fact that he holds him), the way that he looks into his eyes. And the way that Oliver "talks" to his da-dad.

So many things that I wish to never forget; so many things that have been forgotten. As long as the internet exists though, I'll at least be saving my future memories.

That reminds me: I should try to figure out how to save all of this stuff to a disk, eh? ;0)

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